Finding the Best CBD Oil

What is the best CBD oil?

To ask what is the best CBD Oil is like asking what is the best car, or the best place to travel, or the best vitamin supplement. Because, like all of these things mentioned, it sometimes comes down to personal taste, budget, and what is best for each individual. However, with CBD there are definitely some guidelines you can use to help ensure that you are getting the best CBD product for you.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is a component contained in the cannabis plant. CBD is being used by millions as a health supplement to help feed their Endocannabinoid system (ECS), that in many cases is deficient in cannabinoids. Through science it is being shown that CBD can be the extra boost the ECS needs to jump-start the receptors within its system (all throughout the body), and a correctly firing ECS can inspire a correction in the management of pain, anxiety, sleep disorder, and a wide array of ailments both physical and mental. Science is seeming to tell us more and more, that cannabinoids are good for the human body, our brain, and our immune system, and CBD is loaded with healthy cannabinoids. So, that’s the short lesson on CBD. But what is the best CBD Oil?

When choosing a CBD Oil product we, and many other experts, highly recommend you choose a USA grown and formulated product, and most specifically, one derived from hemp and not marijuana. We say this because CBD derived from marijuana usually contains higher amounts of THC and is illegal at the federal level, where CBD derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states at the federal level. In addition, CBD derived from hemp is rich in potent CBD and if you buy it from a reputable Company that is Farm Bill compliant, the hemp plants used are grown under a state agriculture program and are actually “purpose grown” for their abundant CBD. So, hemp derived CBD from the USA is very potent in CBD but does not contain illegal amounts of THC, is non-psychoactive and will not get you high. Also, hemp imported from other countries could be inferior, like hemp from China and South America, and often this is industrial hemp, not purpose grown hemp for its CBD content.

You’ll also want to steer clear of CBD companies that sell “Isolate” products that claim to be 97%-99% CBD. The reason for this is due to the very inexpensive cost in the process of isolating the CBD molecule, where these products ONLY have CBD in them, and all of the other beneficial and synergistic plant compounds are stripped away. Not to mention the fact that the “footprint” of an isolate product is completely wiped away, and the tracking and tracing back to the original source is nearly impossible, which can mean a CBD Isolate product could have come from China, South America, or another country/region known for inferior CBD production and practices.

Once you’ve found a product that meets these criteria, like CannazALL™ CBD products, you will want to choose the best product for you. While our different CBD products will all work the same, some people find that specific products work better for them and are more pleasant to take. For instance, you may want our refreshing organic peppermint tincture, and someone else may like the strong cannabis taste of our oral concentrates. Still, others will prefer the convenience of our GelCaps, and others enjoy vaping their CBD with our delicious vape products. And, there is no reason you can’t mix it up a bit and enjoy multiple CannazALL™ CBD products, as many of our customers do.

Many of our customers will enjoy a few drops of CBD Concentrate and then follow with a dropper full of peppermint Tincture. Or, use our GelCaps and then Vape throughout the day as well. Either way, and whichever CannazALL™ CBD products you choose, you will know that you are getting the highest quality USA grown and formulated CBD products we can develop, and we stand behind every purchase with our quality pledge and money-back guarantee. This way, you can see if CannazALL™ CBD is right for you.

5th May 2022 Editorial team

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