What Is Full-Spectrum CBD?

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD: The Ultimate Guide 2021

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the Cannabis plant. Apart from its main constituent – THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, Cannabis plants contain CBD, which can treat sleep disturbances, anxiety, cancer and more.

Much misinformation and confusion still surround CBD oil due to its links to Cannabis and potential psychoactive effects. Although full-spectrum CBD is almost completely THC-free, most people think that all the parts of the plant that marijuana is made from are psychoactive. However, CBD doesn’t contain the ingredients that will get you “high”.

There are a myriad of CBD products out there, and they have become very popular recently. In this post, we will discuss full-spectrum CBD products in particular, what they do in our organism and how they impact health beneficially.

We will start from the basic question of this post, what full-spectrum CBD is, and later on, see how it works in the brain, whether it is safe for people and dogs, if and why it is better than the other types of CBD.

Let’s start the journey by investigating what full-spectrum CBD is.

What is full-spectrum CBD?

Full-spectrum CBD is a type of CBD. Its primary characteristic is that it contains multiple Cannabis plant extracts, including essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, such as cannabinol. The uncertainty regarding full-spectrum CBD products’ medical use lies in the fact that they also contain up to 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant that makes you “high.” The public often overlooks that such small amounts of THC cannot produce any psychoactive effect.

The second reason why full-spectrum CBD, or CBD in general, doesn’t get you high is that CBD doesn’t bind to CB1 or CB2 receptors the way THC does. Instead, many believe it works by preventing endocannabinoids from breaking down. Due to this kind of functioning, full-spectrum CBD shows promise for treating psychological conditions, such as anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorders and help treat pain and epilepsy.

Research has found that full-spectrum CBD helps regulate the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the functioning of the nervous and immune systems and mood, sleep cycle, and inflammation response regulation. According to scientific research, CBD stays in your system for about 2-5 days. Since the endocannabinoid system regulates the performance of the nervous and the immune system, when full-spectrum CBD is consumed – the organism tends to achieve physiological, emotional and cognitive stability.

Full-spectrum CBD is so beneficial yet still a part of the plant surrounded by much controversy, so you might be wondering what the law has to say, whether and where CBD is legal.

Is full-spectrum CBD legal?

Hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are generally legal in the US. However, some state laws prohibit it. In the US, partly due to a better understanding of the safety and therapeutic properties of CBD, industrial hemp is grown to make CBD for use in food, food supplements and vape products.

Even though legal on a federal level and helpful for some conditions, CBD cannot be used in every state because the law regarding CBD’s status has varying degrees of restrictions. In Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota, CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC are prohibited.

Is full-spectrum CBD legal? Where am I allowed to use full-spectrum CBD?

You might get into legal trouble if you have used a low-quality product that contains an illegal THC quantity. Make sure the product you are using is in accordance with legal guidelines.

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When you purchase CBD oil from illegal channels, it is not clearly stated what cannabinoids are in the product. Before opting for a specific CBD oil, be sure you have understood what cannabinoids are in the product and what quality standards or regulations that product meets. A legal, adequately tested CBD oil will not cause any problems with drug testing as opposed to products bought from illegal channels, which offer descriptions where it is not clear enough how much THC they contain.

If you know what to search for when buying high-quality CBD products, there is a lesser chance for you to be taken in by confusing product descriptions and deceptive marketing practices.

With so many different kinds of CBD products, it may be unclear which one to choose.

There are three main types of CBD: isolate CBD, full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD. The most commonly used type remains the full-spectrum, followed by the isolate, and the last one in the queue is broad-spectrum. So, what makes full-spectrum so unique?

Full-spectrum CBD and other types of CBD

As we have mentioned, the full-spectrum CBD is made up of various elements. When these elements are grouped, they create a powerful treatment that beats the so-called CBD isolate products, which aim to target individual conditions. This grouping or the so-called “entourage effect’’ allows various aspects of health to be improved, using only one product, whereas, with isolates, only one ailment is treated at a time.

Full-spectrum CBD has been proven to work much longer than the CBD isolate. Most full-spectrum CBD products are non-genetically modified, don’t come with pesticides or chemicals, and are organic.

One of the most fascinating and sought after-effects is the effect on smoking. That is, full-spectrum CBD has shown a significant impact on cutting down and leaving smoking in heavy smokers. Since it has all the mentioned elements bundled together, its effects are sometimes unpredictably beneficial. You might be treating leg pain and still feel like you finally can quit smoking since it doesn’t do anything good or give you pleasure anymore. Study data have shown that full-spectrum CBD oils, due to low toxicity levels, may well curb the growth of cancer cells and buy more time for effective treatments.

You might be in doubt about the differences between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD since they both contain various elements and have the entourage effect. However, although very similar, broad-spectrum contains no THC, making it less prone to provoke multiple benefits.

More research is needed; however, CBD and THC seem to work best together.

So, if you are looking to maximize the benefits of Cannabis, the full-spectrum CBD might be the best choice.

We have briefly mentioned what ailments CBD could help with, but let’s dive deeper into the palette of conditions and disorders it can improve and heal.

What does full-spectrum CBD treat?

Full-spectrum CBD has proven to be substantially helpful in treating mental conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety and various kinds of psychological disorders. It can also help cure chronic pain and drug addiction, support drug withdrawal, treat epilepsy, glaucoma, high blood pressure, muscle spasms, Parkinson’s disease.

Full-spectrum CBD helps fight insomnia by relaxing the body and decreasing the aches and pains from exertions and age. It initiates a healthy stress response and brings a feeling of tranquillity necessary to fall asleep.

CBD has benefits over antidepressants in that it causes a much faster response in the brain that has an antidepressant-like effect. Studies have shown that CBD improves depression by its positive impact on serotonin receptors in the brain and reduces stress, which often causes depression. CBD may also result in fewer side effects than antidepressant medication. CBD reduces anxiety before public speaking and anxiety disorders through the same mechanisms it uses to cure depression.

In an analysis of 14 published studies, CBD showed great promise in treating opioid, cocaine, or psychostimulant addiction. Full-spectrum CBD proved to be the most effective in treating drug-seeking behaviours in users of cocaine, methamphetamine, and other psychostimulant drugs.

What is full-spectrum CBD and can it treat anxiety?

According to recent research, people treated with CBD for high blood pressure had lower blood pressure before and after exposure to stressful stimuli after consuming full-spectrum CBD. In addition, CBD significantly reduced the stroke volume.

CBD is currently approved to treat epilepsy seizures in specific groups of people with epilepsy who have not responded to traditional therapies.

Since it is so effective in treating all the conditions mentioned above, a question arises: does full-spectrum have any side effects, like other treatment options, or is it just too good to be true?

Does full-spectrum CBD oil have side effects?

If you are thinking about using a full-spectrum CBD oil to treat a health condition, be sure to speak with your healthcare provider to ensure that it is the right option for you.

Some of the interactions can happen with the following types of meds: antiarrhythmic drugs, anticonvulsants, antipsychotic drugs, and atypical antidepressants. Some unwanted symptoms can include anxiety, changes in appetite, changes in mood, drowsiness, dry mouth and nausea. Many of these interactions and symptoms are mild and require only small adjustments in dosage or preparation.

We have talked about the types of CBD and touched upon the three main kinds. All of them reflect beneficially on health and treat pain successfully. However, there are slight differences between broad-spectrum, full-spectrum and isolate. The next chapter will discuss the differences between isolate and full-spectrum in treating pain in particular.

Which is better for pain – CBD isolate or full-spectrum?

A 2018 study suggests that full-spectrum CBD is more effective for pain than CBD isolate because of the combined effects of CBD and THC. Another advantage of full-spectrum CBD is that it is less processed and more natural than CBD isolate.

One of the biggest benefits of full-spectrum CBD is that you’ll get what’s known as the “entourage effect” because it contains all the elements of Cannabis, with THC brought down to traces. However, a potential downside to full-spectrum CBD is that if you take a large dose of a potent product, you may feel “high” due to the THC.

Since full-spectrum products contain THC, you may run a higher risk of testing positive on a drug test. One potential advantage of broad-spectrum CBD is that you keep a clear mind — no THC means there will be no “high” feeling.

However, a downside of CBD isolate is that CBD without THC may not be quite as effective as the two bundled together. There hasn’t been much research, but the ‘’entourage effect’’ suggests they may work best together. That doesn’t mean broad-spectrum products won’t give you any of the “entourage effect” benefits. Broad-spectrum CBD still contains some other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, which may offer benefits beyond the CBD alone.

Final thoughts

Although CBD products are not a thoroughly researched scientific topic, there is much data about their effectiveness and beneficiality on physical and mental health. Manufacturers have been adjusting the ingredients of CBD products for years now. Now, quite a few conditions can be improved and cured by CBD. CBD offers betterment or complete healing whether you suffer from persistent anxiety or have a disease as serious as cancer.

It remains to be seen what exact effects CBD products have through more thorough research. However, what we know now is more than enough to give CBD products a chance and join millions of satisfied users worldwide.

Hoping you might have decided by now whether or not to buy some full-spectrum CBD, I will give you some clues on where to buy this amazing product.

Where to buy full-spectrum CBD?

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