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The Best CBD for Sleep Disorder in 2022

The Best CBD for Sleep Disorder in 2022

When you suffer from a sleep disorder, your entire life is impacted. Whether it’s the frustration of not being able to fall asleep when you know you should get a good night’s rest or the inevitable lethargy you feel throughout your day from not getting that proper sleep, you simply can’t perform at your best under such conditions.

So, relieving the problem as effectively as possible is absolutely necessary.

However, you don’t want to resort to unnatural, synthetic chemicals that may have underlying negative effects.

How do you get the best night’s sleep without resorting to such extreme measures? The answer is simple: The #1 CBD sleep formula.

CBD naturally aids in the sleep process, but all CBD products are made differently. A new product line is available from CannazALL that boasts the most effective and reliable results possible: Their CBD Sleep Formula line of products.

If you’re tired of not getting any sleep, stick around to find out how CannazALL’s Sleep Formula products can turn your life around the natural way.

How Does CBD Help You Sleep?

CBD’s sleep-inducing benefits are a bit different than other medications that you might be used to. Let’s compare something like an over-the-counter sleep aid to how CBD works.

Let’s say you take a generic over-the-counter sleeping pill. You take it about half an hour before bed, and soon, you’re extremely drowsy and can barely make your way to bed. The second your head hits the pillow, you’re out like a light without any dreams or understanding that you even exist. When you finally wake up, you’re groggy for hours on end, and you still don’t feel as refreshed as you should.

Why is that?

Well, most over-the-counter sleep aids don’t do much more than forcefully shut everything down. This way of going to sleep is sudden, and sometimes, it’s simply too deep. You don’t experience a proper sleep cycle, and even if you sleep for 12 straight hours, you don’t feel like it.

CBD takes a different approach. It doesn’t mess with your body’s sleep pattern or force your body into a semi-shutdown state. Instead, it deals with the most common causes of insomnia: Anxiety and stress.

Whether you take CBD in the middle of the day or right before bed, it reduces the amount of stress and anxiety you feel. This naturally relaxes you and promotes a more centered, present mental state.

Once this is achieved, your body can more easily transition into the sleep process. This means that, rather than shutting you down by force and skipping the vast majority of the complex sleep cycle, your body does everything it’s supposed to do when going to sleep. You get a natural, refreshing, impactful night’s sleep this way.

Does CBD do it on Its Own?

So, is CBD enough to get a perfect night’s sleep on its own? That really depends on the person taking it. If you suffer from a bit of anxiety, getting rid of that anxiety is typically enough to let your body do its thing.

However, when you have an underlying condition or sleep disorder that actively prevents that process from kicking off, CBD can still have trouble allowing you to sleep.

That’s where blends come in. They take advantage of the reduced anxiety and stress, and then they push the body into a sleep cycle naturally.

What Things are Added to CBD Sleep Formula Blends, and How do They Work?

As we’ve said, CBD just handles the most common root causes of sleep disorders: Anxiety and stress. However, it doesn’t actually do anything to push the sleep cycle. That can be a problem if your brain still has trouble triggering the sleep cycle despite the reduction in anxiety and stress.

So, as is the case with CannazALL’s sleep formula, it’s best to add other ingredients that are a bit more proactive in triggering the sleep cycle without all the negative effects of a traditional synthetic sleep aid.

For CannazALL’s formula, the following additives are used:

  • CBN
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Tumeric


CBN is a cannabinoid just like CBD. However, it focuses more on relaxation and reducing anxiety. When combined with the more general effects of CBD, a product’s stress and anxiety-reducing effects are enhanced several times over.

Lavender and Chamomile:

You’ve probably experienced the effects of lavender and chamomile a multitude of times in your lifetime. Perhaps your mother gave you chamomile when you were sick to help you relax and get some sleep as a child, or maybe you fill your home with lavender-scented fragrances or essential oils to create a relaxing home environment now that you’re an adult? There’s a reason for that.

Both of these natural substances encourage relaxation and trigger a drowsy response. This is in sharp contrast to CBD, and it’s why CannazALL adds them to their Sleep Formula line of products.

Not only does this work in tandem with CBD and CBN to reduce anxiety and stress, but they give your brain that little push it needs to trigger the sleep response naturally; taking full advantage of the relaxed state the blend puts you in.


Tumeric is an adaptogen that increases the activity of neurotransmitters associated with relaxation. These neurotransmitters help transfer the chemical compounds that create the effects of CBD, CBN, lavender, and chamomile, and by stimulating them, turmeric allows the blend to take effect faster and more reliably with greater effect.

Of course, it’s also a common spice and completely natural.

How CannazALL’s Sleep Formula Stands Out

There are many sleep-themed CBD products on the market. Most of them, especially the cheaper ones, just slap a bit of CBD into some oil and provide minimal benefits.

CannazALL put an extreme level of thought and testing into their formula to create something that truly stands out among the rest.

Let’s go over some of the reasons this is.

A Natural Sleep Cycle

First and foremost, the best way CannazALL’s Sleep Formula products stand out is that they affect your sleep cycle in a 100% natural way.

Even in the CBD world, some products mix in random compounds to try to force you to sleep. Sure, this might seem like it’s working great at first, but you’ll realize that the product isn’t quite beneficial when you’re still tired halfway through your day due to not experiencing every step of a proper sleep cycle.

CannazALL does it differently. We’ll talk about the ingredients in-depth soon, but all of them are natural, and they encourage your brain to do what it naturally wants to do rather than forcing you to go to sleep abruptly. This leads to you experiencing a fully natural sleep cycle, and you’ll get the full benefits of sleep this way.

More importantly, you’ll wake up feeling like you got a good night’s sleep; not like a groggy zombie that just went under anesthesia all night.

A Perfect Blend

Yes, it’s important to have the four ingredients we talked about, but if they’re not implemented in the proper amounts, they’re no more useful than any other run-of-the-mill CBD blend. Luckily, CannazALL tested tons of blends before finding one that maximizes results beyond what anything else can offer.

First, the CBD and CBN blend is 50/50. With equal parts of each cannabinoid, neither takes center stage, and they’re able to fully complement each other’s effects. This creates a balanced, effective relaxation effect that sets you up for a good night’s sleep perfectly.

Then, the cannabinoid blend is added to a mixture of lavender, chamomile, and turmeric that increases the relaxed state and helps trigger the brain into inducing a sleep cycle. This mix is truly what sets CannazALL’s Sleep Formula products apart from other options that simply relax you and then leave your brain to its own devices.

Of course, giving out the exact amounts of the secondary blend would defeat the purpose of running a business and create dozens of copycats, but the blend is proven to be the most effective sleep formula CBD out there.

Quality Ingredients

The following goes for all of CannazALL’s products, but we’ll stick to talking about the Sleep Formula lineup. First and foremost, it’s completely natural in every sense of the word.

CannazALL sources its CBD and CBN from 100% organic hemp. This means that the hemp is grown by sustainable farmers without being exposed to pesticides or herbicides. This is important. Manufacturers who aren’t as picky with their sources risk such toxic chemicals leeching into your CBD products, and that takes away from the natural, healthy, theme of CBD in general. With CannazALL’s Sleep Formula products, that’s not a concern.

However, hemp is also GMO-free. GMOs are often used to increase the potency or concentration of hemp’s cannabinoids; which allows manufacturers to either create more products with less hemp or to create more potent products without extra expenses. This seems okay until you realize GMOs are genetic modifications, and there’s a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not humans should be consuming foods and other consumable products that feature genetic modifications.

The other ingredients in the Sleep Formula line follow the same standards. From lavender to turmeric, everything is sourced from organic and natural sources.

This comes together to create a truly natural product that is safe to use.

Two Amazing Products

One of the great things about CBD products is that you’re rarely forced to use them in one specific way. With most medications, you typically get pills, gelcaps, or maybe a liquid option, but a lot of the time you’re just stuck with pills.

With CBD, there are gummies, tinctures, creams, and everything else you can think of.

For the sake of streamlining the product line and offering unmatched flexibility, CannazALL has released their Sleep Formula in two different formats: Tincture and gummy.

Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, but both are amazing products.


The first, and most flexible, product in the Sleep Formula line is the 500mg tincture.

This product comes in a 1-ounce bottle, and it contains 500mg of CBD. That’s before you factor in the adaptogens in the formula.

The CBD blend is suspended in all-natural grapeseed oil with peppermint extract for flavoring, and it comes with a built-in dropper that you use to measure each dose to your liking.

There are two reasons this is the most flexible way to enjoy the Sleep Formula.

  • Dosage: Sometimes, you might just need a little push to get a full night’s sleep. Other times, you might need a bit more than usual. The dropper allows you to measure out exactly how much CBD blend you want. This gives you far greater control over your CBD experience, and it helps you stretch your supply when needed.
  • Usage: Sure, you can take it as intended and simply squirt a dropper-full into your mouth. The peppermint extract makes it taste great, and that’s a faster way to do it. What if you want something a little more fun, though? Well, the tincture can be added to a shake, ice cream, or any other evening treat you want to take your sleep aid to the next level.


Gummies are a user-friendly entry product, but they’re great options for CBD veterans, too. There’s no measuring required, and they’re reminiscent of everyone’s favorite childhood treat.

The Sleep Formula gummies come in a 30-count jar, and they pack 25mg of CBD into each gummy. The gummies are flavored with natural elderberry extract to create a not-too-sweet burst of flavor.

Gummies aren’t as flexible as the tincture. You have to take them in 25mg increments. So, you don’t have as much control over your dosage, and they’re not good options for mixing into recipes. However, they’re perfect grab-n-go goodies that will start producing results in as little as three minutes.

Try the Top Sleep Formula CBD, Today

If you’re struggling to sleep, but don’t want to take glorified tranquilizers, try CannazALL’s Sleep Formula tinctures and gummies.

They’re the best solution for a natural, refreshing, and enjoyable night’s sleep without all the negative effects of sleep aids.

Try them today

6th May 2022 Editorial team

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