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The difference between Full Spectrum and CBD Isolates

The difference between Full Spectrum and CBD Isolates

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Cannabidiols, or CBD, have gained popularity over the past several years. As well-known as CBD is, however, it is only one of dozens of compounds found in the cannabis plant. When you use raw CBD oil extracted from the cannabis plant, it is full-spectrum, meaning that you get the effect of all these compounds working together for the entourage effect. It can be powerful when attempting to get relief. When you use some kinds of processed CBD oil, however, the CBD comes in isolate form — all the other beneficial compounds are removed.

However, full spectrum CBD Oil comes with more than just its cannabinoid compounds. It also comes with a wide variety of essential minerals, fatty acids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

The benefits of going full-spectrum

The benefits of CBD oil have been well-researched. Studies done at the Hebrew University of the Hadassah School of Jerusalem in 2015, for instance, have found that when it comes to fighting painful conditions, full-spectrum CBD oil is far more beneficial than isolates. The presence of all the compounds of hemp working together in synergistic fashion can have a powerful effect. Full-spectrum oil can help with gastrointestinal disorders, neurological disorders, and anxiety disorders far better than CBD isolate oils.

The entourage effect seen in full-spectrum CBD oil

While isolates contain only the CBD cannabinoid, full-spectrum oils contain many others for better effect.

CBG or Cannabigerol

CBG is the initial state in which all cannabinoids start out in cannabis plants. While maturing, however, the cannabis plant converts CBG into CBD and other kinds of cannabinoid. Cannabis plants tend to have low levels of CBG as a result.

CBN or cannabinol

Another trace substance in the cannabis plant, CBN, forms when THC degrades. It comes with a low-level psychoactive effect, and works well with the CB2 brain receptor.

CBC or Cannabichromene

Research on the least well-known of the top cannabinoids, CBC, suggests that it may come with antidepressant effects, and effects on pain and anxiety.


Terpenes are the fragrant chemicals that give cannabis plants the scent that they are known for. When it comes to relief powers, terpenes work well with cannabinoids for better effect. Cannabis plants contain a number of different terpenes. Limonene can help with stress relief and gastric reflux. Pinene is an anti-inflammatory and can improve memory. Linalool can help with stress, depression and insomnia. Humulene and caryophyllene can help with pain, appetite, and sleeplessness.

Along with active compounds such as terpenes and cannabidiols, full-spectrum CBD oils also contain vitamins A, B complex, C, E, beta-carotene, and minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Full-spectrum CBD oils are also rich in the nine essential amino acids and important fatty acids such as omega 6 and omega 3.

CBD isolates do work well. However, they leave out some of the less significant cannabidiols and terpenes. This means that isolates do not offer the full benefit that they could have the potential for. For those who experience pain and stress, full-spectrum CBD Oil may come with far greater effect than the isolates. 

4th May 2022 Editorial team

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