Whether you are a first-time user of CBD products, or an experienced CBD consumer, we want to assist you with the knowledge you need to shop for CBD, be a better educated consumer, and obtain the highest quality formulations while avoiding the many sub-standard products being sold on the market today.

Before you consider your purchase, it is very important to know that CBD is NOT marijuana! CBD products do not get you "high".

CBD derived from hemp is non-psychoactive and does not affect the mental clarity of the user. CannazALL™ CBD products are derived from legal, purpose-grown Colorado hemp plants and are federally legal in all 50 states. Hemp has been grown and used in a variety of products and general health and wellness applications for hundreds of years and was once even used as currency by the Native American nations. 


There are three CBD “Spectrums”, and you will want to know about them all so that you get the CBD products that will work best for you. The Spectrums are:

Broad Spectrum

FULL SPECTRUM CBD is the most potent and effective formulation of CBD. It includes the highest percentage of hemp oil cannabinoids and includes additional terpenes and botanicals to create the very best results. It is also the most expensive CBD per milligram, and for good reason. With Full-Spectrum CBD products you get the all-important “entourage effect” that gives more people the best possible CBD therapy results.

BROAD SPECTRUM CBD is relatively popular and will cost less per milligram. However, it is limited in scope and most formulations lack the extra components and potency to be as effective as full spectrum products.

CBD made from ISOLATES are the cheapest and most pervasive of CBD products. Think of isolate-derived CBD products as the “Brand X” of the industry. They contain very little actual CBD, are produced with questionable methodology, and usually have no lab testing or other fact-based information for the consumer to make an informed decision. Known colloquially as “gas station” or “flea market” CBD, these products popped up everywhere in the early days of CBD production and are still pushed out today. They have high profit margins and are designed to take advantage of consumers’ lack of understanding of CBD products in general.

Once you understand these 3 types of CBD products, it becomes quite evident that FULL- SPECTRUM formulations are the most effective and will give you the results you are looking for from your CBD purchases.

Next, and equally as important, you should always insist that the CBD products you purchase have been THIRD-PARTY LAB TESTED for purity and potency. Although CBD is unregulated at present, there are best practices that are followed carefully by a few companies that take their product quality seriously.

As a part of your purchase decision, there are two more components that you must consider relative to the production process of the CBD products that you select.

The first of these is the actual type and strain of hemp from which your CBD products are manufactured. The gold standard of these being PURPOSE GROWN HEMP. And although hemp can be grown in several regions around the U.S., the Colorado growers are the most experienced and have proven to be the most reliable for the consistency of their hemp strains. Soil quality is also key, since hemp plants are very susceptible to picking up heavy metals, pesticides and other substances from the soil, and these can end up in your CBD oil.

The second is the process by which the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Always insist that your CBD formulations are created using the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) extraction process. This is most effective and natural way to extract the oil from the plant. In many cases, the less expensive methods use chemicals to perform the extraction. This will leave chemical residue in the CBD oil and is considered to have certain toxicity.

We hope that this primer on various CBD types and processes has been helpful in assisting you with your purchase decisions. 

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