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CBD and Anxiety, Stress or Panic Attacks

CBD and Anxiety, Stress or Panic Attacks

For persons experiencing anxiety, even the simplest aspects of daily life can become difficult and debilitating. Even waking up in the morning can give someone who suffers from anxiety a sense of gloom and distress, even making going to work, school, shopping, and more, a daunting task. Anxiety can also lead to many other serious health issues because the person suffering can sometimes eat improperly, have trouble getting healthy sleep, and even become addicted to prescription medications, alcohol and illicit drugs, and oxidative stress (the worst kind).

There is no getting around it, people who suffer from anxiety can see their lives virtually ruined as they always must be concerned with another onset of anxiety or a panic attack, making many social situations difficult to attend or enjoy. Even travel can be something that people forgo because they have anxiety about driving, flying, and being in new places, all because of anxiety.

Over the years there have been many prescription medications developed that help greatly with anxiety, and these pharmaceuticals have helped millions of people to better deal with tier anxiety. But, many people experience adverse side effects when taking prescribed medications, and in some cases, they just don’t seem to work at all. Many people also turn to mediation, yoga, therapy, and other natural remedies for anxiety, and many of these options are highly recommended and effective.

However, Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is known, is being used widely and people all over the world are reporting great results when using in conjunction with anxiety. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and when extracted from hemp, which is part of the cannabis family, it is completely safe, contains only trace and legal amounts of THC, and is entirely non-psychoactive, meaning it cannot make you “high”. This is very, very important for those already suffering from anxiety, so it is highly recommended you always use THC free, non-psychoactive CBD products.

CBD For Anxiety

Many people using CBD to help with anxiety report a “total body calmness” while remaining completely alert and with more mental clarity as well. People who use CBD for anxiety also say that they sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed and invigorated.

27th Apr 2022 Editorial team

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