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Welcome to The CannazALL™ Affiliate Program

Here at CannazALL™, we understand the value of a motivated Affiliate and how that motivation can get the word out about our quality products, and be a mutually profitable relationship for all.

Rather than a static, 'one size fits all' Affiliate program, we have developed a custom program that will make you the MOST effective in your efforts to drive traffic and sales to CannazALL™. Our recent expansion to over 35 incredible new products, third-party testing, discount and rewards programs, and immediate FREE shipping on all orders makes CannazALL™ an excellent partner for you and your online income strategies.

We cater to all types of online Affiliate companies and websites, including:

Coupon/Rewards/Discount Sites

Our flexibility is key to success. Let us explain how we can give you the engaging offers you need to create interest from your traffic and create a steady flow of sales commissions.

Product Influencers

We understand that product reviewers and influencers need to experience the products before forming an opinion and recommendation. Programs for Affiliates in this space include products delivered to you at NO COST so that you can use and evaluate them properly, and make a great representation to your followers.

Related E-Commerce Sites

CBD creatives and links can be very effective for an existing e-commerce site that sells products and services related to health, fitness, lifestyle and wellness. Let's have a conversation about how CannazALL™ can augment your user experience and provide a new revenue stream for your visitors and subscribers.

Health and Fitness Sites

Affiliates in this space are always looking for the right products to recommend to their visitors and subscribers, and we are very interested in developing relationships in the wellness and fitness area. We can customize a program for you, as well as provide products for your review.

Educational and Informational Sites and Blogs

CBD can be confusing for new users and folks who are genuinely trying to understand the product, and the various types of CBD (Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolates). If you are interested in helping us to clear up this confusion and post interesting and accurate information about CBD and its benefits, we'd like to discuss an ongoing Affiliate relationship with your company.

Lifestyle Sites and Blogs

The key to a healthy lifestyle can be a major benefit of CBD usage, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss further both the health aspects of recommending CannazALL™ CBD Wellness products, as well as the income opportunity of becoming an Affiliate.

Please give us some information so that we can start the process of customizing an Affiliate program that will best suit your needs and ours:

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