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Use CBD to help with seasonal allergies

Use CBD to help with seasonal allergies

Can CBD help with seasonal allergies?

Are you one of the millions who suffer from seasonal allergies? Do you dread allergy season coming because you know how debilitating your allergies can be? Do seasonal allergies keep you indoors unable to enjoy outdoor recreation or even moving about outside? Seasonal allergies can cause symptoms of congestion, watery eyes, lightheadedness, itchy skin, aches, pains, and can even lead to secondary infections like nasal infections, bronchitis, and more.

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For decades allergy sufferers have either had to endure their seasonal allergy symptoms or resort to antihistamine medications, both over the counter and prescription. But these remedies can come with a downside as many pharmaceutical drugs are expensive and can have unwanted side effects, and over the counter allergy medications leave many with the jitters, tired, or worse. So, what do you do when you want to try an all-natural allergy remedy but don’t know where to start?

CBD Oil and seasonal allergies

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, and it is one of the many cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. CBD Oil, through its anti-inflammatory properties and interaction with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), is being shown to supplement the ECS’s receptors throughout the body and give the ECS the boost it needs to deal with inflammation, similar to what antihistamines do, but without the adverse side effects. What CBD Oil seems to do for allergies is to help boost the human immune system, thus giving the body the support needed to do what it does best, repair and resist from ailments more naturally. Because of this, many people report that when they take CBD Oil for seasonal allergies on a daily basis, often, they find that their symptoms are reduced, eliminated, or in many cases just easier to deal with.

cbd for allergies

According to an article in Seattle Weekly “Other cool stuff cannabinoids do for allergy sufferers: control inflammation, open the sinus passageways, relieve nasal pressure, manage pain, and of course induce calmness and sleep.” Interesting side notes: Histamine production is also kicked up when we are super-active or stressed out, but it is mellow when we are mellow, and pretty much stops when we sleep.

CBD can be taken as often as you like, with or without food and drink, and can even be taken with most other medications as there are no widely known negative drug interactions associated with CBD Oil. It is also extremely easy to take, and most people find that one or two doses, or more as needed, could help reduce the incidents allergy symptoms through the supplementation of the ECS. This could allow you to become more active outdoors during allergy season. Also, because CBD derived from the hemp plant is entirely natural, you can usually take as much as you need to get the desired results you are looking for.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is one of the dozens of components found in the Cannabis plant. Both Hemp and Marijuana contain CBD, but CBD derived from Hemp does not contain THC, and unlike Marijuana, it cannot make you high. This is especially important to those people looking for the relief that CBD offers but cannot tolerate the THC that is found in Marijuana or have jobs where having THC in the system is problematic. In addition, many studies seem to show that CBD from purpose grown Hemp plants is just as effective, if not more effective, than CBD from Marijuana that contains THC.

What does CBD oil do?

CBD works within the body’s Endocannabinoid System, and all mammals have this, and it is part of our immune system. The science says that we have Cannabinoid receptors in our Endocannabinoid System and that Cannabinoids then help boost this system which in turn helps boost the immune system.

Think of it like this; We know that vitamins like Vitamin C are good for us. But we do not have Vitamin C receptors in our bodies. So, how much more important are Cannabinoids to our health when are bodies have receptors for this purpose?

In addition, researchers have determined that Cannabinoids were a large part of the human food chain for thousands of years and it has only been in the last 100 years that we eradicated this important food source from our diets. Could it be that much of our common and more serious ailments are because we are not feeding our Endocannabinoid system with important Cannabinoids like abundantly found in CBD derived from purpose grown hemp plants.

What does CBD stand for?

As mentioned earlier, CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is one of over 80 components currently found in the Cannabis plant. Now, it is important to remember that both Hemp and Marijuana make up the Cannabis family, the only difference is that Hemp does not contain THC and cannot make you high. CBD from Hemp is just as powerful and effective as CBD from Marijuana and it seems that it is the CBD that helps people to get relief from ailments and not the THC as some believe.

How to use CBD oil for allergies?

So, now that you know quite a bit about CBD, how can you use it to help with seasonal allergies? Here is what we know. You have many choices for treating seasonal allergies and some have negative side effects. You can use over the counter Antihistamines, stronger Prescription medications, and even injections for people with severe seasonal allergy symptoms. But what if you would like to try an all-natural approach to managing seasonal allergies that has no known negative side effects and also has many other healthy benefits on top of it?

That is where CBD can play a big role because millions of people around the world are learning that CBD, when taken daily, can boost their Endocannabinoid System and give incredible relief to nagging seasonal allergies that can literally ruin quality of life for 2-3 months every year.

You can use CBD to treat seasonal allergies several different ways. You can take a convenient and flavorful CBD Tincture, take an easy to dose GelCap or Gummy, or even Vape your CBD. It does not really matter which product or method of ingestion you use as long as you are getting enough CBD into your system to help you get the allergy relief that you are seeking.

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How much CBD do you need? It all depends on the individual but there are some guidelines that have been discovered over the last several years that CBD has been in existence. Most people respond well and “Feel something” when 25mg – 50mg per day is taken. But you can always use more, and many people need at least 100mg per day to get great relief. Again, it is up to the individual and the good news is because CBD is an all-natural plant-based product you cannot overdose… So, try the amount of CBD it takes to get the result you are looking for.

What else can you use CBD oil for?

As mentioned above, CBD has lots of good healthy benefits for the human body and can offer relief for a myriad of ailments both common and more serious. Got pain? CBD has shown to help with symptoms from chronic pain of all kinds including back pain, leg pain, diabetic nerve pain, even very simple everyday aches and pains and pains from working out.

CBD is fantastic for people with sleep disorders or who just need help relaxing at night so that they can get a great night’s sleep. When taken in the evening, and hour or two before bedtime, CBD can give you a total body relaxation feeling unlike anything else, and with no known negative side effects. People who use CBD for sleep say that they sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and energized with no groggy feeling that sleep medications can cause.

Another popular reason that people take CBD is to help with Anxiety as CBD has been shown to help with relaxation, tenseness, and anxiousness, and help reduce Anxiety. In addition, many people find that their Anxiety goes up when they are not getting good sleep, and, because CBD can help so well with sleep problems many Anxiety symptoms are greatly reduced. So if you have Anxiety and want to try something new to help get relief, then CBD could be the answer for you.

Another extremely popular use of CBD is to help with symptoms from Arthritis. If you suffer from Arthritis than you know how debilitating this ailment can be and getting relief can be difficult for many people. But because CBD can help reduce symptoms from inflammation it can also help reduce symptoms from Arthritis.

CBD is also known to help with symptoms from Diabetic nerve pain, PTSD, alcohol and drug abuse, mental disorder, and even some serious ailments. In fact, the more we learn about CBD the more we learn that giving a boost to our Endocannabinoid System through the use of CBD is a great way to manage many symptoms and help make our bodies healthier too.

How long does CBD oil stay in your system?

This is a question commonly asked and the answer is approximately 18 hours by most expert opinion. This means that if you are taking CBD daily and you miss a day, you are fine, and you can always just take another dose the following day as there will always be some CBD in your system.

Therefore, people who use CBD daily say that they can skip some days and still get the benefits and symptom relief of what they are taking it for. In addition, some research has shown that purposefully skipping some days can trick your Endocannabinoid System receptors into kicking into high gear and that this is beneficial as you “Wake up” your Endocannabinoid System that needs Cannabinoids to function properly.

So, if you are on a daily CBD therapy regimen and want to skip a day or two every week or so, that is fine, if you are still feeling relief. If not, then you can always take more until you get and sustain the relief that you are seeking.

Where to buy CBD oil?

Six years ago, if you asked this question, it was easy to answer as there was only a handful of Companies willing to offer quality CBD products on a national basis and deliver them to your door, and CannazALL™ was one of these first. But in the ensuing years there are now hundreds of CBD Companies and retail stores that offer CBD products, even some convenient stores.

But the plethora of Companies and stores offering CBD products more often just adds to confusion rather than giving people more choices and convenience. Why is that? It’s because most people do not know the answers to the following questions: What is the source of the CBD I am purchasing, how many milligrams of CBD are in the whole bottle or jar, is it Full-spectrum CBD or an Isolate, what am I paying per CBD milligram and how much should I take to get relief?

There are other question you could ask, but those are the best and most common. To answer these questions, you will want to buy from a Company that has been around a long time, preferably a pioneer in the industry that was there from the beginning. A Company that has thousands of satisfied customers that keep buying. A Company that has transparent 3rd party testing of their products, offers only Full-Spectrum CBD products, and has easy to understand CBD milligrams and pricing. And offers a money-back guarantee if their products are not 100% as advertised and you do not get the relief you are seeking. In addition, look for a Company that has great Customer Support and offers customer education if needed.


CannazALL™ CBD offers all of this and more and the products are some of first Colorado grown and formulated CBD products to hit the market way back in 2014. If you are interested in trying CBD for your seasonal allergies or all the other reasons and symptoms that CBD can help with then CannazALL™ might be right for you.

27th Apr 2022 Editorial team

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