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Benefits of High-Quality CBD Use for Individuals Over 60

Benefits of High-Quality CBD Use for Individuals Over 60

As new waves of information and research have come to light regarding the healing properties of CBD, the sale and production of "CBD-infused" products has surged as retailers attempted to capitalize off of the new CBD "awakening." Because it is still reasonably new, retailers have been known to take advantage of those seeking a high potency miracle oil with few regulations in place. For those interested in the actual benefits CBD has to offer, and specifically, those aged 60 and older, keep reading.

CBD Origins

CBD begins as a plant. It is directly derived from marijuana's cousin, the hemp plant. The flowers, leaves, and stems of the plant are used to create CBD oil. Sometimes, manufacturers of "CBD" oil will instead use hemp seeds to extract oil from. Hemp seeds are safe and nutritious but unfortunately contain insignificant amounts of CBD, resulting in any oil extracted containing very trace amounts of CBD, rendering it generally useless to provide the true benefits of an authentic CBD product. The recommended dosage of CBD is 20 to 40 mg per dose. This means that any claims by e-commerce sites boasting "300,000,000mg" per bottle are inaccurate. Generally, the largest size CBD oil bottle is 100 milliliters. To determine how many milligrams per milliliter, you will divide 300,000,000mg by 100ml to get 3,000,000mg. This serving is dangerously higher than the recommended dose and should be an immediate red flag that the CBD oil is not high quality. If low-quality CBD oil is ingested, it will cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and possibly seizures. None of the real benefits of CBD oil will be derived from ingesting a synthetic or low-quality CBD oil.

CBD Benefits

Despite the many retailers selling synthetic liquids as CBD oil, if you can locate authentic CBD oil, there are genuine and specific benefits to its use for individuals aged 60 and older. CBD oil use for arthritis has been tested through transdermal administration. Long-lasting therapeutic effects resulted from the treatment, indicating that CBD lotion or balm directly applied to swollen joints is an effective treatment of arthritic symptomatology. Additionally, research suggests adults aged 60 and over have a higher prevalence of hypertension. Studies have revealed data that confirms a single daily dose of CBD reduces resting blood pressure. It also reduces the response of the body's blood pressure to stress. This results in a decreased incidence of heart disease and stroke.

Overall, it is vital to be vigilant in confirming the quality and purity of any CBD oil you purchase. Steer clear of remarkably high potency claims, as those mathematically tend to equal far past the recommended daily dosage, if true. Once a pure CBD oil is found, benefits such as treatment of arthritis and decreased risk of heart disease and stroke can be realized.

9th Sep 2022 Editorial team

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