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All About the D8 Flower

If you are thinking of investing in some D8 flowers, you should conduct some research on the product. You need to know about anything that you put into your body. Luckily, here we have some compiled information on the D8 flower for you to start. Secondary research might need to be considered to determine if this is the right product for you.

What is the D8 Flower?

The D8 flower is just a hemp flower with Delta-8 added to it to make use of D8's benefits. Delta-8 does occur naturally in cannabis plants, but only in small amounts. The percentage of Delta-8 in cannabis plants is usually less than 1%. Therefore, cannabis growers have to add the Delta-8 into the hemp flower for the added effects.

How is Delta-8 Added to the Hemp Flower?

The D8 flower is chemically-made through a process called “isomerization." The process is somewhat complicated. An easier way to explain it is that the hemp flower is turned into forms with the same chemical composition but with different structures. Therefore, the traditional hemp flower now has other physical and chemical properties making it a D8 flower.

For this to happen, the Delta-8 substance must be made from CBD. The concoction is then formed into a distillate and added to the flower. This process has many different methods, such as dipping, lightly spraying, and dusting. Some manufacturers even combine some of these methods.

Benefits of the D8 Flower

  • Delta-8 is believed to be faster-acting than traditional hemp flowers. You can receive the psychoactive benefits in a few minutes.
  • Delta- 8 can easily be made into small doses due to its quick reaction time. Smaller amounts help you figure out your limit in a more manageable way.
  • Depending on who you talk to, some regular D8 flower users believe that the Delta-8 version offers a more balanced experience.
  • The D8 flower is much easier to find than the D9. The D9 flower's legality is still being debated in many areas.
  • Having a better knowledge of the history of the D8 Flower could help you make a more informed decision. If you are planning to purchase a D8 flower, start with smaller doses. You must know what your body can stand and build up to a higher amount. The D8 flower can offer some incredible benefits when using the product safely.

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