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Get The Best Quality CBD For The Best Price!

Get The Best Quality CBD For The Best Price!

High quality AND affordable price – yes, it is totally possible! And we have been proving it since 2014.

When we began with this CBD story, we had one vision in mind – to deliver the best quality CBD products to our customers for the best possible price . We know that dealing with health issues is terrible, so we want to help people maintain overall well-being, feel happy, and put an end to their suffering – all in a natural way.

According to our customers’ reports from 2014 until now, it seems that we are succeeding at it. By now, CannazALL™ has successfully contributed to the healing of many ailments. People claim that our product helped them with:

  • Relieving the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Stress reduction
  • Pain and inflammation alleviation
  • Easing arthritis, joint pain and swelling
  • Reducing high blood pressure

…and more.

In general, we helped many people to strengthen their immune system, so the body could function normally and fight ailments more naturally.

We did it by delivering them the highest quality of potent full-spectrum CBD derived from 100% organically grown hemp.

What makes our CBD the best quality?

There are three vital things that make our CBD No.1 – hemp origin, extraction method and potency.

From Colorado hemp plants to your home…

We stand for high-quality, organic, and transparent hemp origins. That’s why our CBD is extracted from non-GMO, organic hemp plants grown in Colorado. The state of Colorado is number one on the list of the best states for hemp cultivation in the US.

In general, hemp grown in Europe and the United States is known for its highest quality and safety. Due to their heavy regulations, you can be sure that your product contains CBD that is potent, GMO-free, free of contaminants and with controlled quality. Besides, hemp from the US and EU tend to have lower levels of THC. That is important for legal reasons – CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC. Additionally, THC affects your mental clarity, causing you to feel high, which is the experience most CBD users don’t want.

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The growing and processing of hemp must abide by the US regulations of the agricultural growing, which state that organic crops must be grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or bioengineered genes. Hemp plants used in manufacturing our products abide by these regulations and are grown by a program approved by the Department of Agriculture in the United States.

Also, hemp that we use is grown on farms mainly made for its growing and CBD extraction. Cross-breeding and GMOs are forbidden, which means that there is no artificial manipulation of our hemp’s genetic material through genetic engineering.

We cooperate with the most acclaimed industry experts in order to develop the most quality CBD products. Before they reach your hands, our products undergo a myriad of tests to assure the safety and effectiveness of the formulations.

In short, we offer only quality Colorado-grown and formulated hemp CBD derived from the finest department of agriculture hemp strains available, with no pesticides, GMO’s, or heavy metals.

…by using the best CBD extraction method…

Only the companies that use a carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method can have the best quality CBD products.

Although expensive, it is proven to be the best CBD extraction method. It results in entirely safe, pure, and healthy CBD concentrate, keeping all of its qualities without doing any harm to the environment. Being aware of these advantages and being led by our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality CBD possible, our manufacturing practice implies using this non-chemical method.

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The CO2 extraction method works at lower temperatures which makes this method much better at preserving CBD and terpenes of the hemp plant. The gas turns into a liquid under the right amount of pressure. Further, that liquid form of CO2 becomes a solvent that is used for making extract. In this process, the CO2 works as a solvent. However, removing the CO2 from the extract can be done easily and completely. The final result is heavy, liquid oil that is completely clean and free of solvents.

The entire process doesn’t have negative impacts on the environment at all. Once the CBD has been extracted through the CO2 method, the CO2 is recycled, preventing the waste of potentially useful materials and reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials, as well as reducing energy use, air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling).

Our mission is to bring health and relief to people with ecological awareness in each step we take in CBD product making.

…we deliver you the most potent, full-spectrum CBD…

Every product we offer contains potent full-spectrum CBD because it contains all the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids naturally found in the hemp plant. This means that it also does contain THC but only in traces – less than 0.3%. However, THC and CBD, working along with the other cannabinoids, are much more effective together than using a single cannabinoid alone.

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Cannabinoids and terpenes work altogether, making the so-called ‘’entourage effect’’ or the synergistic action, enhancing the influence of CBD. This synergy increases the activity of our receptors much more in distinction to the broad-spectrum or isolated CBD.

They both interact with the endocannabinoid system, but they bind to different receptors and affect different brain areas. Receptors can be found throughout our central and peripheral nervous systems, and when cannabinoids activate them, the endocannabinoid system further helps correct many imbalances within the body.

Confirmed by customers & third-party lab

Naturally, we can’t just brag about our CBD quality without any proof. Besides customers’ testimonials, all of our products are third-party tested and approved.

As you know by now, CBD products with less than 0.3% THC were legalized in the US by the 2018 Farm Bill Act, but – CBD is still federally unregulated. To prove its quality, CBD must undergo third-party lab tests. Premium and trusted CBD brands won’t hide anything about their products. In fact, they will transparently provide a detailed Certificate of Analysis that includes all information about the product’s ingredients, potency, safety, and quality.

Now when you know why and how we can offer the best quality CBD products, you can go to our CBD shop and use your holiday discount to purchase the perfect product for you – for the best price!

Choose among our variety of CBD offer

To summarize it up: CannazALL’s CBD products are entirely natural and third-party tested, and they all contain full-spectrum CBD sourced from Colorado-grown organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and herbicide-free hemp plants, manufactured without chemical solvents.

CannazALL offers the best quality CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD softgels, and CBD topicals for the most affordable price. All of the products contain the same hemp strains; thus, they’ll offer the same benefits and help you with anxiety, depression, pain, sleep disorder, arthritis and other ailments. What is important is the dosage you take. A variety of products are available to meet your preferences, offering different ways for taking your daily CBD.

We want everybody to get familiar with CBD and its benefits, so we regularly offer discounts and free samples for new buyers . In addition, our regular customers get the chance to enjoy their favorite products even more.

Become a Choice Member and save 40% on every product, every day. Plus, all orders get a sample pack of 6 25mg Elderberry flavored Gummies every time – And shipping is always FREE!

Learn more here: CannazALL CBD gummies sample – Get your FREE CBD!

So, what is your choice?

Best priced CBD Tinctures

If you want to speed up the process of CBD interaction with your body, and if you prefer taking your desired dosage at home, CBD tincture is the right choice for you. Our tinctures are made by infusing the hemp extract into organic coconut, grapeseed oil, to which we add organic extracts for the perfect tincture flavor.

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Tinctures are the most effective when a couple of drops are administered under the tongue as it’s the quickest and direct way to reach your bloodstream. Another way is to add a few drops of tincture to your food or water.

CBD tinctures come in amber glass bottles with a dropper for quick and well-measured dosage. We offer four types of CBD potency: 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 5000mg, with prices ranging from $58 - $149.

Best priced CBD Gummies

Only for the hedonistic souls – yummiest flavored CBD gummies! Natural medicine succeeds at making the healing process fun and tasteful. Easy to take, gummies are a great way to get precise CBD dosing and quick relief. Only one gummy delivers 25mg of potent Full-Spectrum CBD plus up to 200% more critical hemp plant terpenes and botanicals for the full entourage effect.

SALE! Get your bottle of 25mg Elderberry CBD Gummies for only $77.40 with Choice Membership!

Best priced CBD SoftGels

Are you always on the move? Consuming CBD can be simple and quick. Softgels and water are all you need. Easily portable and equally easy to take, CBD SoftGels can fit into any pocket, purse or jacket. Just like CBD gummies, one SoftGel delivers 25mg of potent Full-Spectrum CBD plus terpenes and organic coconut and grapeseed oil with vegan casing.

GREAT OFFER: Get 40% off on our $119 25mg Full-Spectrum CBD SoftGels with your Choice Membership & get SIX 25mg Elderberry CBD Gummies on top of it for FREE!

Best priced CBD Salves

People struggling with arthritis or active athletes will love this product! Enjoy the massage with our all-purpose CBD topical and get rid of pain, muscle aches or even skin disease like eczema or psoriasis. Only apply it liberally to the affected area and experience relief within minutes.

Get 40% off on our $59 400mg Full-Spectrum All-Purpose CBD Skin Salve with your Choice Membership & get SIX 25mg Elderberry CBD Gummies on top of it for FREE!

We know it is hard to choose, so maybe start with the best offer? Use the best of our current Holiday SALE to try CBD and experience its benefits firsthand. Once you include CBD in your life and daily routine, your life will get better. So, don’t worry, there will be times to try all the products.

If you are a first-time consumer, keep this in mind: CBD products should be used sparingly, once or twice daily. Start slowly with a small dosage and increase gradually over time. Once you start feeling the effects, you can increase the dose further to twice per day. Although you can take any of the products safely with other medications, before you start consuming CBD, ensure that you have consulted with your healthcare provider.

So, if you would like to try some of our CBD products, take a look at our CBD shop and enjoy the finest Colorado-grown and formulated CBD.

Take some time to learn more about our top-quality collection of CBD products and better understand how CBD can best serve you.

Since 2014 CannazALL™ has strived to create the healthiest, potent, and effective CBD products on the market, and our customers reorder again and again because of the results they are getting.

When you become a CannazALL™ customer, we’ll not only deliver a superior product; we’ll also educate you on how to get the best CBD experience possible and follow up with complete Customer Support

6th May 2022 Editorial team

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