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Best Priced CBD Soft Gels in 2022: Top Quality

Best Priced CBD Soft Gels in 2022: Top Quality

If you’re looking for a discreet, convenient, and typically fairly affordable way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, look no further than CBD SoftGels.

However, you need to get the right ones if you want the best experience possible . There are a lot of low-quality options available, and even some of the high-quality options simply aren’t worth the price.

So, we’ve created an in-depth guide to what CBD SoftGels are and a list of our top recommendations of the best priced CBD SoftGels, considering the quality, and the overall experience they provide.

Let’s get started.

What are CBD SoftGels?

CBD SoftGels are simply gel capsules filled with CBD-infused oil. Some are flavored, but the flavor doesn’t really matter since you’ll just be swallowing it as soon as it enters your mouth.

In terms of their traits, CBD SoftGels have a lot in common with gummies. Since they’re basically pills, they’re extremely convenient and don’t need to be measured or broken apart . You just take one or two with a little water, and you’re good to go.

They even tend to follow the same potency models as gummies. Your average SoftGel contains 25mg of CBD, and you typically get between 20 and 50 soft gels in a jar or pill bottle.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re the exact same thing in a different package. CBD SoftGels are more discreet than gummies. After all, pulling out a weird jar of gummies to deal with at-work stress may draw a bit of attention to yourself. Pulling out a pill container with items that look no different than over-the-counter pain relievers is a lot less likely to turn heads. This isn’t a big deal, and you have nothing to hide, but some of you may appreciate that discretion.

They also tend to absorb a bit faster since your body doesn’t have to digest a gummy to release the CBD, and you don’t have to gnaw on anything; which may be a problem for those who don’t like gummy candy or would like to make the process as straight-forward as possible.

Are CBD SoftGels Worth It?

CBD SoftGels are definitely worth it; if you get them from a trustworthy source. They’re highly convenient, can be taken anywhere without drawing unwanted attention, and they work very quickly.

However, they do lose that “ritualistic” part of the process. With salves, you get an aromatic cream to rub into your skin. With gummies, you get a tasty treat. With soft gels, you don’t really get that. You’re just taking a pill, essentially.

Luckily, they make up for it by letting you enjoy all the benefits of CBD without all of the fuss. We highly recommend them for all of your on-the-go CBD needs.

Things to Look for in CBD SoftGels

Before we get to the list, there are some things you should look for in any good CBD SoftGel.

First, the price to potency ratio is important. Paying $3 per SoftGel with only 10mg of isolated CBD is far from a good deal. You should expect to pay between $1 and $2 per for high-quality SoftGels, but anything beyond that probably doesn’t provide enough value for the price.

You should also look for high-quality CBD. Preferably, you’ll get a product with full-spectrum CBD and at least 20mg of it. If a product does have less CBD, it should make up for it with another beneficial substance. In fact, there are mixes out there that use small amounts of CBD with melatonin, various vitamins, and other beneficial substances, and they’re well worth the same price as a more CBD-focused product with a lot more CBD.

Finally, if you really want to get the most value from your CBD SoftGels, you should look for a product with high-quality ingredients. Ingredients should be free of synthetic materials and questionable growing practices. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free labels are also welcome, but a lot of users probably won’t mind if the rest of the product is high enough quality to make up for a little gluten or non-vegan ingredients.

The Top Best Priced CBD SoftGels: Our Top 3 Recommendations

Now you know what you need to look for in a soft gel, but lucky for you, we’ve already done all the research.

Here are our top 3 recommendations. They provide a high level of value for their price, are made from high-quality ingredients, and are guaranteed to provide an overall amazing experience.

Let’s get started.

CannazALL™ 25mg CBD SoftGels (60-Count): Top Pick/ Best Deal

CannazALL™ 25mg CBD SoftGels come in a 60-count jar, and they’re some of the highest quality, best priced CBD soft gels you can get at a fair price.

These SoftGels perfectly balance price, potency, and quality to create an all-around great experience to meet all of your CBD needs.

What You Get:

The 60-count jar comes with 60 premium SoftGels and each one contains 25mg of full-spectrum CBD extracted from the finest hemp using organic, pesticide-free, farming methods. As a bonus, CannazALL adds 200% more terpenes and botanicals to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

The CBD is infused into grapeseed oil and peppermint extract; both of which are 100% organic like the hemp the CBD is extracted from. This creates a tasty, slightly aromatic liquid that heightens your CBD experience. However, you’re unlikely to care about the flavor since you don’t chew or let it dissolve in your mouth. It is a nice touch, though.

The Price:

Each bottle of 60 CBD SoftGels will cost you $119 at full price, but only $71.40 at the Choice Member price. That’s just $1.19 per SoftGel, and you get a hefty dose of CBD with just a single SoftGel. So, your investment stretches pretty far and the Choice Member price can’t be beat.

However, even at full price, these are well worth every penny, and you really can’t get a better product at this price point.

How They Stand Out:

These best priced CBD SoftGels stand out thanks to their high potency and focus on the CBD experience. There aren’t any novel additives or crazy secondary effects. They’re 100% designed to give you the best CBD experience possible.

The addition of extra terpenes and botanicals also stands out. As it heightens your overall CBD experience in a way most competitor products don’t.

Final Verdict:

These are the best all-around CBD SoftGels you’re going to find. The price is extremely fair, you get a ton of value, and you’ll have one of the best CBD experiences possible. There are other options that focus on specific effects or traits, but these are the cream of the crop when it comes to pure CBD.

CBDistillery 30mg SoftGels (60-Count): Highest Quantity/Highest Potency

These CBDistillery soft gels are a great deal if you want a lot of soft gels and a super-high potency level. They might be a bit much for newbies, and the exorbitant price is hard to recommend for most people, though.

What You Get:

In this standard jar of CBDistillery SoftGels, you get a whopping 60 soft gel capsules packed with 30mg of full-spectrum CBD each. This is a ton of soft gels, and considering their high potency levels, the average user won’t need more than one per serving to feel the full effects in just a matter of moments.

These SoftGels also contain Delta 9 THC. This isn’t the same as the THC in marijuana, but it can produce some fairly dramatic calming effects. For some, this is a bonus. For others, it can be an inconvenience and limit their use of the product. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you want that as part of your CBD experience.

The Price:

The 60-count bottle costs $130 at full price. This equates to roughly $2.16 per soft gel capsule. That is technically over our official limit, but the potency and massive quantity of this product make it eligible for an exception. With that being said, it’s an expensive product in terms of its upfront cost and its per-capsule cost. So, it’s definitely not for everyone.

However, that’s the price you’ll have to pay for pretty much any high-quality CBD product in such a massive quantity and potency.

Luckily, CBDistillery frequently has sales, and they offer plenty of promotional deals if you sign up for their newsletter. So, you will rarely have to pay full price if you’re willing to read their emails or wait for a sale.

How They Stand Out:

Their inclusion of Delta 9 THC and their remarkable potency make these soft gels stand out in both positive and negative ways. On one hand, you’ll definitely have a unique experience. On the other hand, they might be too much for some users.

We would only recommend these to very experienced users who aren’t worried about the massive price tag.

Final Verdict:

These are a solid deal in terms of potency and quantity, and while their per-capsule price is a bit high, so is the impact of their featured ingredients. With that being said, the overall cost of $130 is a bit much for most users.

Also, they’re a bit too strong for newbies, or even a lot of experienced users. This is a niche product for a select audience. With that being said, this product is worth it for people who fall into that target audience.

Smilyn SoftGels with Melatonin (30-Count): Best Sleep Aid

These Smylin SoftGels are amazing sleep aids, and while they are a bit more limited in use thanks to the addition of melatonin, they will serve a specific target demographic extremely well.

What You Get:

In the standard 30-count jar, you will receive 30 SoftGel capsules with 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD extracted from organically grown hemp and 5mg of melatonin. The rest of the ingredient list isn’t nearly as high-quality though, and the brand doesn’t commit to 100% natural ingredient lists. It’s up to you if that’s an important part of your CBD experience.

These capsules aren’t flavored with peppermint oil or anything else, but they will last a long time since you’ll want to take them at bedtime.

These are primarily a sleep aid.

The Price:

A 30-count bottle of these costs $75 or $2.50 per capsule. That’s the most expensive per-capsule price on this list, but it’s not as big of a deal because you’ll only take one or two at a time, and your investment will last much longer than cheaper products that you can take more frequently.

However, it is still a cheaper upfront cost than the CBDistillery.

How They Stand Out:

The defining trait of these is that they’re designed as a sleep aid. CBD helps with sleep in general, but when you add melatonin to the mix, the effects are astounding. However, that’s also the product’s biggest drawback.

Since melatonin is added to the capsules, you won’t be able to increase your dose at will like you could with other products. Doing so would be like taking a bunch of sleeping medicine; albeit, it’s completely natural and unlikely to cause any real harm outside of near-immediate drowziness.

You also won’t want to take them throughout the day. These are best taken right before bed. Luckily, they do their intended job extremely well.

Final Verdict:

These are perfect if you have trouble going to sleep at night. They will knock you out quickly, naturally, and in a welcomed way; not the sudden scary drop-off that a lot of other sleeping aids cause.

However, they’re not great for general use. In fact, using them for that can be dangerous if you drive or use dangerous equipment. This greatly limits when you can use them and how many you can take.

If you’re in the crowd that has sleep issues, these are for you. Otherwise, go with the CannazALL™ SoftGels.

CannazALL™ is the Clear Winner

The CannazALL™ 25mg CBD SoftGels are the clear winner of this lineup of the best priced, most effective, CBD SoftGels. They can be used anytime, anywhere, and you’re free to use more than one without expecting bad effects.

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6th May 2022 Editorial team

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