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The Best Lab Tested CBD in 2022 [All You Need To Know]

The Best Lab Tested CBD in 2022 [All You Need To Know]

If you're shopping around for CBD products, you may have seen the phrase 'lab-tested' thrown around the brand's retail outlets.

Do you want to skip right ahead and explore the best lab-tested CBD in 2022? Visit CannazAll to browse their products.

Otherwise, this guide will outline what that means, why it matters, and give more insight into CannazALL and other lab-tested CBD in 2022.

What is Lab-Tested CBD?

Lab-tested CBD is what it sounds like. It's a process that analyzes CBD batches for quality and honesty by testing their ingredients for purity and potency and publishing the results in a certification.

The CBD industry has seen rapid growth in the last few years. More companies than ever offer innovative, creative, and wellness-driven CBD products. That has created a highly saturated market where every brand needs some key selling points to remain competitive.

Where markets are competitive, there tends to be a rush of substandard products into businesses to attract potential customers. These offerings often remain untested for health, safety, and quality, to save time and money, putting consumers at risk.

CBD is a substance that promotes wellness and would seem redundant if there were potential risks involved in consuming products. That's why premium and dedicated brands will seek independent lab testing to reassure their customers of quality merchandise with minimal consumption risk.

Why Does Lab-Tested CBD Matter?

The CBD industry is not regulated. Many customers would find concerned about the potential health and safety risks behind products. Lab testing guarantees that CBD products are free of contaminants work as advertised, and present the full array of information behind their manufacturing.

Lab-tested CBD minimizes risks to consumers, businesses, and the CBD industry. So how is it tested?

How is CBD Lab-Tested?

CBD batches are sent to an independent, third-party laboratory with no affiliation with the CBD industry or specialization in the product. Their job is only to present their objective findings on the quality of the CBD, or in other words - cold hard facts.

There is no association with the CBD brand or industry. The certification creates an accurate and trustworthy result that products are what they say they are and don't pose any health and safety risks. So what do these labs test for quality and purity?

What are CBD Batches Tested For?

Here are the vital elements that CBD batches get tested for.

  • Cannabinoid Profiles

This is one of the most common tests in an accredited third-party laboratory. The cannabinoid profile analysis investigates the ingredients of the CBD batch to understand each level of substance inside and confirms the readings are accurate on each bottle.

THC and CBD levels are checked to ensure it matches as advertised and that groups don't exceed legal retail limits.

  • Harmful Contaminants

A rushed manufacturing process means that CBD can get compromised with harmful contaminants. These undesirable elements that can wind up in the batches include heavy metals, organic solvents, and biological contaminants like bacteria and molds.

Ensuring the product is safe to consume can significantly attract customers to your CBD products.

  • Potency

Potency testing is a subset of the cannabinoid profile, analyzing how much of the substance is active in the product. That allows consumers to understand and get an accurate picture of the strength and efficiency of the advertised CBD product.

Today, many uncertified products won't display accurate information. Consumers looking for weaker or strong CBD products may be disappointed or even at risk from their effects.

So now you understand the principles behind lab-tested CBD, which are the best brands that host certified products?

What is the Best Lab-Tested CBD in 2022?

You'll probably want some ideas on the best lab-tested CBD this year. We've ranked ten premium brands with accredited lab-quality certification, starting with the favorite.


Why is CannazALL the #1 lab-tested CBD in 2022? The Colorado-based brand is one of the most straightforward, transparent, and quality CBD brands in the United States, creating a more refreshing customer experience than the competition.

CannazALL is a pioneer in offering homegrown, formulated hemp within the United States, beginning in 2014 before the mass influx of CBD companies in the nation. They have spent time perfecting their products and being transparent in the process.

The seamlessness in their products offers an uncomplicated approach to understanding manufacturing, purchase, and ultimately, consumption. The CBD products are pure and potent, backed by easy-to-access, independent lab certification.

Lets' break down why CannazALL is the winner of lab-tested CBD in 2022:

  • Committed to the highest quality all-natural CBD
  • Honest and fair pricing
  • Customer support goes above and beyond
  • Transparent manufacturing is documented the entire way
  • Accredited labs sign off on the quality of every product

So if you're looking for the most well-rounded CBD brand to begin your foray into the world of wellness, CannazALL is a good start.

  • 2.Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web boast of being "the world's most trusted hemp extract." Even significant media publications have picked up on the brand as being one of quality, backed by the availability of all certificates to prove lab testing from 2018 onwards.

They have a broad range of products in stock. The products include very mild injections of THC, including CBD gummies, oil, capsules, topicals, and more. Research into their practices, and you'll find that their organic farming practice is meticulous, certified again by regulatory bodies to assure customers of a natural, premium product.

  • 3.Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals use its brand name to showcase that they're a trustworthy CBD brand growing in its home state's new, unimpeded environments. But they aren't just telling you about their quality practices. They have all the third-party certifications to show their lab-tested products and some of the best.

You'll find gummies, capsules, topicals, honest ingredients, natural farming practices, USA-grown, and third-party verification. Colorado Botanicals make its brand concept one that feels homey, straightforward, and refreshing.

  • 4.CBDistillery

CBDistillery is yet another Colorado-based firm conveying its mantra of "high quality, fairly-priced, hemp-derived CBD products" and everyone's right to access them. It's not all talk with this brand, though - over 1 million customers have enjoyed their certified, lab-tested CBD.

Their products are created through non-GMO industrial hemp, following detailed industry guidelines to ensure purity and potency. CBDistillery allows quick access to the third-party certification of every batch so that customers are assured that every oil, gummy, topical, and capsule retains consistent quality.

  • 5.Lazarus Naturals

Slightly differing from the standard location, Lazarus Naturals is an Oregon-based CBD company. They keep their entire farming and manufacturing process at home to oversee the quality themselves, from extraction at their hemp farms to the final packaging.

Lazarus Naturals naturally use labs to test for quality and purity as standard procedure, making results easily accessible to customers and encouraging them to check. The brand has become highly rated given its assistance program, which offers discounts to those in need, such as veterans and disabled persons.

  • 6.NuLeaf Naturals

NuLead Naturals categorize itself as a health and wellness brand using high-grade hemp extracts to purvey CBD products. Of course, they're proving that their offerings are on the upper echelons of the market by supplementing lab certifications with every batch created.

The goals of NuLeaf are to promote healthy bodies and minds, using highly concentrated hemp extract to create a higher potency series of products. You'll feel the benefits of these full-spectrum CBD products - over 20,000 positive reviews can't be wrong!

  • 7.cbdMD

cbdMD sounds like a doctors-backed dispensary created in medical facilities, so naturally, you'd believe it's lab-backed! But like other quality CBD products, the hemp is grown organically, then processed through state-of-the-art labs certified for quality by third parties.

What speaks in favor of cbdMD's premier status is that it's the only purely dedicated CBD company with a New York Stock Exchange listing. It's an attractive prospect to customers new to CBD. Understanding that this retailer must have the backing of some pretty big players and know it must meet some official quality standards.

  • 8.Joy Organics

Can spreading joy be lab-certified? Joy Organics seem to think so! The brand's mantra focuses on delivering happiness through excellently crafted, innovative CBD products above and beyond customer expectations.

The only way to prove their premium status is to ensure that every product has lab certifications linked to them. Today, Joy Organics is an industry-leading CBD supplier, offering one of the widest ranges of products in the market.

  • 9.Zatural

Zatural is a CBD company started by a naturopathic doctor, so that that science would be a forte in these wellness products. The CBD products in the collection are sourced only from trusted sources that drive towards Zatural's mission statement of well-being and, of course, third-party tested for quality.

Browse their inventory, and you'll discover that Zatural is not short of options in CBD products. You'll find edibles, gummies, topicals, oils, and more, each ranging in potency to meet your expectations and desires for effect.

  • 10.Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals is another customer-driven CBD entity driven by the desire for profound happiness. They started with heartfelt stories of what CBD products had done for them; they continued to create a broad range of products that met customer requests and demands.

Of course, being a customer-centric business, they have all the quality certifications you'd want. The batches that make up their CBD products are third-party tested in labs to meet what's made Bluebird Botanicals a premium CBD brand.

We’ve repeatedly mentioned the best products in this guide. So with all this fuss about CannazALL lab-tested CBD products, are there any benefits over the competition?

What are the Benefits of CannazALL Lab-Tested CBD?

CannazALL lab-tested CBD has significant benefits over other brands, especially those uncertified. We'll list some of the prominent advantages below.

Better Quality Pain Relief

There have been consistent studies about the effects of CBD on pain relief, offering results that suggest that higher quality extracts can have a more holistic impact. CannazALL lab-tested CBD assures customers of high quality with the purest hemp extract around – certified by independent labs.

So if you're shopping around for CBD to help with pain, rest assured that CannazALL products have the most promising effects.

More Focused Towards Helping with Mental Health

CannazALL has a powerful mission statement of driving towards better well-being. This higher-quality CBD tends to have more robust effects for its intended purpose, where the lab-tested CBD signs off on its premium ingredients driven towards wellness.

The brand’s products have a more focused impact on relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health ailments.

Can Have Protective Properties

Another reason that CannazALL CBD can benefit over the rest because it's certified to work the intended way. The pure CBD will target brain receptors that subsequently put your endocannabinoid system into play, preventing neurological disorders such as epilepsy, seizures, and multiple sclerosis.

While there is still research to prove the scientific links between CBD and protective properties, we've seen positive results through quality, lab-tested CBD like CannazALL.

Get More Solid Sleep

There could be numerous reasons why you're having trouble sleeping. Still, it's well-documented that CBD can help give a user a decent night's sleep. CannazALL CBD ensures no unexpected side effects that could hinder that desired rest, making it preferred over others.

There's minimal risk in purchasing lab-tested certified CBD products for sleep if that's the intended purpose.

Reduced Prospect of CBD Side Effects

Nobody wants to purchase any product only to find that it has unlabelled risks or potentially harmful side effects. As CBD products are unregulated, their labels may not always list the complete ingredients palette or warn of potential issues with the batch.

CannazALL CBD is analyzed thoroughly, so you can be sure whatever it says on the label is the correct information. Unlike some other untested brands, you won't face any risk outside of what is listed on the product.

So now we understand what lab-tested CBD is, why CannazALL is preferred, and its benefits. All that's left is knowing where you can start with getting this premium quality, lab-tested CBD for yourself.

Where Do I Get Started with Lab-Tested CBD?

Follow this CannazALL linkfor your lab-tested CBD products. There's a reason why it's considered the best in 2022, centering around the core values of honesty, transparency, and fairness.

Not only will you get excellent products, but customers can easily understand why this CBD surpasses expectations. There's quick access to all the lab certifications to prove their premium quality.

Visit CannazALL today, and start your wellness journey!

22nd Jun 2022 Editorial team

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