#1 CBD Products in 2022: Highest Quality and Best Price

#1 CBD Products in 2022: Highest Quality and Best Price

2022 is an exciting year for the CBD world. More and more products are poised to hit the market, and as the industry has been allowed to flourish, the technology and standards behind those products have increased tenfold.

So, what do you do with all these high-quality products hitting the market at once? Narrow it down to the best of the best.

In this 2022 guide, we’ve listed our top five CBD products for 2022. Each one is guaranteed to impress, made from the highest quality ingredients, and designed to provide you with the most impactful CBD experience possible.

Let’s get to it.

What are CBD Products?

CBD products come in various forms. There are gummy candies, soft gels, tinctures, edible snacks, drinks, and many more options at your disposal .

These products are made using CBD oil, or oil infused with cannabinoids extracted from hemp plants. Basic oils such as grapeseed or olive oil are often used as a base, and one of several forms of CBD is added to that base.

These are the types of CBD extract:

  • Isolate
  • Broad-Spectrum
  • Full-Spectrum

Full-spectrum tends to create the best products, and isolate is more useful for cheap or highly niche products.

Which CBD Products are Best?

Any type of CBD product has the potential to be highly potent and beneficial. However, it’s usually best to look at tinctures, soft gels, gummies, and salves that utilize full-spectrum CBD. The novelty items like rice crispy treats, cookies and other stuff can be good, but they can also pop up in unexpected places by lackluster suppliers.

Regardless of what type of product you buy, you need to ensure that it’s made to incredibly high standards using organic ingredients and the finest full-spectrum CBD . Some products may include things such as melatonin, vitamins, or even a little THC, but your main focus should be on a pure, centered, CBD experience.

Some high-potency products include extra terpenes and botanicals to increase the quality of your CBD experience without diverging from the original concept. These are the product this list will focus on; as they’re pure CBD experiences that don’t toss in a bunch of other substances that taint your enjoyment of them.

CBD FAQs and Information:

Even in 2022, there’s a lot of things the general public doesn’t understand about CBD. Before you rush off to purchase the best CBD products in 2022, take some time to familiarize yourself with this quick guide.

Q: Does CBD oil expire?

A: Yes. About 18 months after it’s extracted.

Q: Can truck drivers use CBD oil?

A: It depends. While federal laws, and most state laws, allow CBD usage, many freight companies ban their drivers from using them. Consult your employer before using a CBD product.

Q: Does CBD oil make you tired?

A: No. CBD oil does not make you tired. It gets rid of anxiety and other issues that prevent you from sleeping. However, some CBD products contain additives that do make you tired. For example, many sleep-themed products also contain melatonin.

Q: Is CBD the same as marijuana?

A: No. CBD is derived from hemp and is free of THC; the psychoactive drug in marijuana. However, some CBD products do contain THC or the Delta 9 variant of THC.

Q: Is CBD Legal?

A: Yes. The United States federal government has legalized CBD. However, different states have different guidelines that restrict your access to certain products.

The Best CBD Products in 2022

Now that you know a bit more about CBD, here are the 5 best CBD products you can pick up in the new year!

CannazALL™ Flavored CBD Gummies (25mg, 60-count)

CannazALL’s line of CBD gummies is an amazing value that follows insanely strict quality standards.

They come in 60-count jars, and each gummy contains 25mg of CBD. However, CannazALL’s signature CBD mixture also contains extra terpenes and botanicals for a more dramatic and well-rounded experience.


These gummies cost $129 per bottle at full price. However, CannazALL™ offers them at just $77.80 if you are a Choice Member. and that makes them more accessible to customers on a budget.

Even at full price, these are a tremendous deal considering the high potency and 200% extra terpenes and botanicals, that’s fairly cheap. Get them at the Choice Member price and the deal can’t be beat.


These gummies maintain CannazALL’s extremely high-quality standards. The CBD used to make them is organically grown, free of pesticides, herbicides, alcohol, and chemical solvents, and its full-spectrum CBD. They’re also flavored with natural extracts to create a semi-sweet treat that’s enjoyable with a mature palette.

Beyond those core ingredients, there are no Frankenstein lab chemicals or anything else. Just the basics used to make a gummy, CBD, and a little natural flavoring.

Stand-Out Traits:

These gummies are great if you don’t want to measure things or look like you’re taking medicine. They look like little gummy cubes, and each one is perfectly mixed to include an exact 25mg dose of CBD.

This makes these gummies accessible to new users and convenient for everyone.

CannazALL™ Flavored Tincture (1000mg, 1-Ounce)

If you’re looking for high potency, unbeatable quality, and a per-mg price you simply can’t beat, the Flavored Tncture with 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD is the right choice for you.

You get 1-ounce of pure full-spectrum CBD tincture with added terpenes and botanicals for a well-rounded experience, and the oil is mixed with peppermint extract and grapeseed oil to give it a pleasant flavor and aroma.


At full price, this tincture costs $78. That’s roughly five cents per mg of CBD, which is on par with some of the cheapest CBD products on the market. However, that cheap price gets you access to a super high-quality product with extra terpenes and botanicals on top of the affordable CBD extract.

By and large, this is the best deal you’re going to get on high-quality CBD in 2022.


Like all of CannazALL’s products, this product is nearly unbeatable when it comes to quality. All ingredients used are 100% organic, free of herbicides, pesticides, alcohol, and chemical solvents, and they’re sourced from only the finest suppliers.

Stand-Out Traits:

The value you get with this product is what stands out the most. It has the quality and potency of some of the highest-priced products on the market, but you can get it for just five cents per mg of CBD. That’s nearly unheard of. Plus, CannazALL™ offers its Choice Membership getting you this same product at only $46.80, which makes the already high-value skyrocket even more.

More than that, the use of full-spectrum CBD and the addition of extra terpenes and botanicals ensure that your CBD experience will be unforgettable.

This is one of our most recommended products, and we’re sure you’ll love it.

SoftGels (25mg, 60-Count)

If you like the convenience and user-friendliness of gummies, but you don’t want to eat candy every time you enjoy CBD, these SoftGels are for you. They’re extremely similar to the Optimum gummies, but they come in a convenient gel capsule.

Each SoftGel has 25mg of liquid full-spectrum CBD oil with 200% added terpenes and botanicals. This is pretty much the same potency as the Optimum gummies, and your overall experience will be nearly identical.

Just like the gummies, these SoftGels are vegan-friendly and gluten-free; so they’re a great option for those of you who have specific food restrictions.


These SoftGels also cost $119 with the same potency as the Flavored Gummies; meaning they have the same low cost per mg as the gummies do.


Like all CannazALL products, every ingredient in these SoftGels is 100% organic. The CBD is the finest available, and it’s full-spectrum with added terpenes and botanicals. This ensures that your CBD experience will be as complete as possible.

The SoftGel format also allows these pill-style CBD products to be absorbed quickly; leading to noticeable effects in a matter of minutes.

Stand-Out Traits:

So far, you probably think these are the same as the gummies we listed earlier. However, that’s not the case.

First, these are a vegan-friendly option that allows vegans or those with gluten allergies to get the same high-quality CBD benefits as the gummies do without breaking their food restrictions.

They also look pretty much like any other gel capsule. This means that they are a bit more discreet than pulling out cube-shaped gummies from an odd jar. Instead, it just looks like you’re taking any over-the-counter medicine such as Tylenol gels or anything else. This can be important if you rely on CBD in public or at work where the stigma surrounding CBD might impact you in negative ways.

Finally, the SoftGels aren’t flavored, and aren’t sweet or candy-like. This is a key selling point for those who aren’t particularly fond of gummies due to their sweetness.

Joy Organics 10mg Gummies

If you’re looking for something to mellow your mood or soothe your nerves, but don’t want the effect to be so dramatic, these 10mg gummies from Joy Organics are a great option.

They come in two flavors, and Joy Organics is well-known in the CBD world. So, you can trust that you’ll receive a high-quality product; even if it’s not the most potent.

These gummies contain full-spectrum CBD, and they come in two flavors. Per jar, you’ll receive 30 gummies, and each one is vegan-friendly.


These gummies are just under $40 per 30-count jar, and that equates to a per-gummy cost of $1.30. This is relatively cheap, but keep in mind that each gummy only contains 10mg of CBD. If you want a more impactful experience, you’ll have to eat multiple gummies, and your investment won’t last long.


Joy Organics uses premium, natural ingredients in their gummies, and you can check the lab report on the product page to see exactly what’s in the gummies via third-party test results.

Also, while Joy Organics does sell THC-infused products, it has done a great job of maintaining a varied stock of THC-free products; such as these gummies.

Stand-Out Traits:

These stand out for their beginner-friendly potency and attractive price. Many newbies, or people who simply don’t want a dramatic experience, seek out low-potency products like this to get the benefits of CBD in a much milder form.

However, you are technically paying a higher per-mg price despite the per-gummy price being much lower than competing options. You’re paying nearly 13 cents per milligram of CBD. So, they’re great for beginners, and their upfront cost is great. Although, if you decide to become a CBD regular, you will want to try a different product to get the most bang for your buck.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies with Vitamins E12 and D3

These are also low-potency gummies like the Joy’s Organics gummies listed earlier. However, they’re designed specifically to help with long-term mood stabilization and positivity.

Besides 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD per gummy, vitamins E12 and D3 are also present due to their presumed ability to help with depression and ongoing negative thoughts.

With this being a more specialized gummy, it’s only considered one of the best options for a very specific target demographic.

However, Sunday Scaries has been praised in Medical News Today and Forbes for its ability to reliably help with its intended purpose.


The most cost-effective way to get some Sunday Scaries is to sign up for the subscription plan. You pay $23 a month, and each month you get a jar of 20 10mg gummies. Otherwise, it costs $29.

Assuming you’re not getting the subscription plan and pay the full $29, you’ll be paying almost $1.50 per gummy. That’s up there with our number-one gummy pick from CannazALL, but it’s less than half as potent. So, keep that in mind since you get a much better per-mg price with CannazALL.

However, the subscription plan lowers the price a bit, and it ensures that you don’t have to keep reordering.


It’s hard to pinpoint the exact quality level of Sunday Scaries. The company claims they’re organic, and the broad-spectrum CBD has been proven via third-party lab results to be genuine. Also, the addition of vitamins E12 and D3 is a nice touch for certain users. However, it’s difficult to find specifics, and most people won’t care about the vitamins.

With that being said, Sunday Scaries has a reputation as one of the best, and that doesn’t come easy.

Stand-Out Traits:

There are two stand-out traits for these gummies: Their depression-fighting focus and the subscription model.

Depression is no joke, and you should definitely seek the guidance of a medical professional if you suffer from clinical depression. However, it is nice to have a natural alternative to pills and other traditional treatments, and Sunday Scaries is built around fighting depression.

Finally, the subscription model puts the ordering process on autopilot. You don’t have to remember to order, and you get a fair discount. Very few CBD companies offer that.

Final Verdict

All of these products are exceptional, and they should be at the top of your list for 2022. However, there is one clear winner among them, and it comes from Colorado’s best CBD supplier: CannazALL™

The 1000mg Flavored Tincture from CannazALL is the best value, and it’s highly potent. You simply can’t beat it.

With that being said, let your CBD cravings go wild and try them all. 2022 is the year to branch out and explore just how far the industry has come!

6th May 2022 Editorial team

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