500mg Sleep Formula Lemon Flavor Tincture CBD/CBN
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500mg Sleep Formula Lemon Flavor Tincture CBD/CBN

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• 1 Ounce bottle
• 500mg of potent CBD per bottle
• 30 droppers full per bottle
• Lemon flavor

• Lavender, Chamomile and Valerian Root
• Full spectrum with .03% legal THC
• Colorado grown organic hemp
• Non-GMO
• Pesticide and herbicide free

• Third party tested View COA HERE

• Money-back guarantee

500mg Sleep Formula Lemon Flavor Tincture CBD/CBN
500mg Sleep Formula Lemon Flavor Tincture CBD/CBN
500mg Sleep Formula Lemon Flavor Tincture CBD/CBN
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500mg Sleep Formula Lemon Flavor Tincture CBD/CBN
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500mg Sleep Formula Tincture

Flavor: Lemon

Our potent and delicious Lemon flavored Sleep Formula Tincture contains 500mg of CBD/CBN along with added Chamomile, Lavender, and Valerian Root, plus lemon flavor to help calm the body and induce rest. CBD with the correct blend of CBN seems to be a great combination for relaxation and helping the mind and body with symptoms from stress and anxiety the.

CannazALL™ Sleep Formula Tincture can have you feeling more well rested and relaxed with a whole new energy in the morning.

Full-Spectrum CBD with legal amounts of THC: There are three CBD “Spectrums”, and you will want to know about them all so that you get the CBD products that will work best for you. The Spectrums are:

  • Full-Spectrum: This CBD is the most potent and includes .03% legal THC plus added plant oils and botanicals for the full “Entourage effect”
  • Broad Spectrum: This CBD is potent and includes extra plant oils and botanicals but does NOT contain any THC.
  • Isolates: This CBD is an isolated component and does not include extra plant oils, botanicals, or THC.

All CannazALL™ Special Formula CBD Tinctures contain only the highest quality Full-Spectrum CBD with .03% legal THC plus other healthy plant oils and extracts for the full and sought after “Entourage effect” that gives more people the best possible result.

About this product: For most people, CannazALL™ Special Formula CBD Tinctures are the most familiar and preferred method of consuming CBD. Perhaps the reason our Special Formula Tinctures are so popular is because you can experiment with the exact size of your serving.

Additionally, adjusting your dose is relatively easy by adding or subtracting a few drops. Everyone is different, and we all have different factors that affect bioavailability, including weight, height, body mass, and tolerance, to name a few. Using our Tinctures allows you to experiment a bit more to dial in the exact amount of CBD that fits your needs.

What do people use this product for? CannazALL™ Sleep Formula Tincture is taken for general sleep improvement and overall calmness. Just 25mg - 50mg, or more, will help most people, but again, you will want to experiment to see how much you need to get the relief you are seeking.

Since this is an all-natural product, you are free to enjoy the many benefits that this high-quality CannazALL™ special Sleep Formula Tincture provides.

How to use: Just one dropper full on or under the tongue, allowing the CBD/CBN to be absorbed through the salivary glands for approximately 30 seconds before swallowing, delivers about 20mg of our potent CBD/CBN plus all the Full-Spectrum benefits. Take as needed an hour or two before bedtime to experience the best results possible. Experiment with the amount needed and enjoy the best natural sleep you’ll ever get.

Continue to add more CBD milligrams as needed to get the results you are seeking as there are no widely known negative side effects to this all-natural hemp product. However, as with any product you don’t need to overdo it, just listen to your body to get the desired results.

What to expect: Most people, if they are taking 25mg - 50mg, will start to “feel” something within 30-60 minutes and sometimes sooner. Many people report an overall body calmness but without feeling foggy or sluggish in any way. In fact, it is more of an alert calmness that really benefits the mind and body, plus pain relief, anxiety relief, and sleep disorder relief, and those are the reasons that so many use and enjoy CannazALL™ Special Formula CBD Tinctures daily.

Dosing: One dropper full contains approximately 20mg of potent CBD/CBN.

Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, proprietary herbal blend, Full-Spectrum Hemp oil (Cannabidiol) and CBN.

Warning: You may wish to consult a physician before taking this product. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if under 18 years old.

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    Sleep Formula

    I have always had trouble winding down and getting to sleep. I've been skeptical of other 'products' that claim they will help me sleep all the way through the night and wake up clear. Doesn't seem possible, so I looked for a natural remedy with some science behind it. Once I learned about endocannibinoid receptors and how CBD interacts in the body, I had to try it. So far so good, 50 mg before bed and I've been falling asleep easier. No grogginess from this. I will continue to use this product.

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